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Eurasian Adventure Tour

I am not going to lie, I am damn excited about this trip. I think the itinerary largely speaks for itself, Moscow – Bucharest in 19 barmy barmy days! Too many highlights to talk about, but seeing the oh so Soviet of Soviet Republics, Belarus, closely followed by a tour to Pripya (Chernobyl), before entering Transnistria, and its Soviet era capital Tiraspol, before finishing up with Moldova, and Bucharest. 19 intense days, with a few of the places being a first for me. Largely we are running this as a research trip, hence the great price 🙂 if we do say so ourselves.

Now whilst a lot of this is pretty interesting, two documentaries about Transnistria really caught my eye….So I will share them here…


Heres the link….

Transnistria Trafficking Arms _ 1