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Daily Mail visit the Ryugyong Hotel of doom

Welcome to the Hotel of Doom: The 3,000 room monstrosity in Kim Jong-Un’s starving dictatorship no foreigner has stepped inside… until now

  • The world’s biggest hotel is set to open in North Korea next year
  • When it opens it will be 26 years after building work began
  • It is built in Pyongyang, a city so poor it cannot light up the streets at night
  • Our writer risked his life to be the first foreigner inside Ryungyong Hotel

Once again we are treated to a fabulous article from a piss poor UK tabloid. If there is a slow week, you can pretty much count on there being a useless article about North Korea being written.

I am not going to go into every detail of the article, as it is so badly written a reply would take me hours, but I will just try and concentrate on some of the points.

“We risked our lives to be the first westerners into the hotel”

Well the whole “risked our lives” bit was done by the equally piss poor Sun Article earlier in the year. Around 5,000 western tourists, and 30,000 Chinese tourists visit the country every year, we alone took in around 450. Regardless of what you think of the regime, the fact is that it is one of the safest places a tourist can visit.

Now regarding being the “first” westerners in the building. Firstly they were not, a few months ago 2 English people from another company were the first westerners in there, and as far as I know (I may be wrong) two Germans also entered the building a little later. There are also investors in the project who have no doubt been in there. They also use the term “foreigner” rather than westerner. The building is used by Erascom of Egypt for the cell phone network, so many Egyptians have been in there. So I guess the Daily Mail definition of “foreigner” is white man.

And as for all the talk about the Yanggakdo “alcatraz” hotel that they were “forced” to stay in on the island, they could have just paid 10 Euro a night more and stayed in the centrally located Koryo Hotel, but maybe they did not have much of a budget.

This would of course be assuming that they actually went to the DPRK in the first place. For most of us reading the article it seems they have just read other peoples articles, stolen pictures, and just made the whole thing up.

The Ryugyong Hotel, for the record is not being renovated with money from the DPRK, it is being done with outside investment. The Hotel of Doom business is a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. It looked awful for years, and now it’s being fixed by outside investment.

Since the Levison inquiry in the UK, tabloids can longer hack phones, or make up local lies. Move over Jimmy Saville and the BBC, there is a much easier big bad wolf, where you do not need to even try to be factual.

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