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Crimean Wine Tour: Eastern Bloc wineries

In the West we can often have a snobby view of world wines. Obviously there’s French, Spanish, Italian, Spanish, and New World wines – but there’s a tonne of great Eastern Bloc stuff that generally gets left off the list. One of the best is Crimean wine. Crimean Wine During the Cold War Moldova and […]

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The Legend of Che Guevara

Is there anything more ironic than the ultimate legacy of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who is less known for his revolutionary socialist activities and more for the ubiquitous plastering of his face across T-shirts, posters and mugs? The ultimate communist revolutionary is now the ultimate poster boy for quick-buck tourist tat, and Che-based memorabilia can be […]

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Mangyondae Native House – The Birthplace of President Kim Il Sung

Located in Mangyondae District, just on the outskirts of Pyongyang, is a traditional-style Korean house where President Kim Il Sung was born on April 15th, 1912 – or as it’s known in North Korea, ‘Juche 1’. This is one of the most sacred sites in the DPRK and an essential place that all local Koreans […]

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Sariwon city guide

Sariwon, Hwangae Province, North Korea The capital of North Hwangae Province, Sariwon is a sleepy little city of just over 300,000 inhabitants. It’s best known for its high level of agricultural and science-based universities, agricultural factories and grape wine production. The city additionally boasts the only pediatric hospital in the entire region. Established by Hungary […]

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North Korea statues and monuments: the ten most iconic

In North Korea, statues and monuments are kind of a big deal — and nowhere are they bigger than in the capital of Pyongyang. Throughout the city you’ll find mosaics, statues and dioramas galore. Here are ten of the most famous. 10. North Korea statues: the Chollima Statue Of all the North Korea statues, this […]

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Moldova ‘tourism’: why is Moldova Europe’s least visited country?

If you ask most people what they associate with the country Moldova, many can’t think of anything to respond. For those that can, the most common reaction is ‘poverty?’ Well… they’re right. Moldova has earned the brand, without trying, of Europe’s least-visited and most poverty-stricken country. Moldova is landlocked, has no natural resources outside of […]

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The DPRK’s favourite Korean joke

If you’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to North Korea, you’d likely be surprised to have found that a large number of Korean guides have quite a sharp sense of humour and are quick to tell you a Korean joke. Ever the entertainers, it’s not uncommon for one of your Korean guides to opt […]

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Pyongyang – The Ultimate City Guide

Understand Pyongyang Pyongyang – also spelled P’yŏngyang or Pyeongyang – is the capital city of North Korea, and like most capital cities, is the political and economic centre of the country, as well as its biggest city by far. If you’re travelling to North Korea, you’re almost certainly going to visit Pyongyang (unless doing a […]

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How to watch Game of Thrones in Eritrea

So here I was,  just about to prepare a tour to Eritrea, the infamous African country often compared to North Korea. I was expecting to spend a week with next to no internet,  and I was fine with that. However,  what I was dreading was the fact that I was sure that I would come […]

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Socialist countries: the currencies of socialism

Assuming you’ve never lived (A) in any socialist countries or (B) during the Zimbabwean hyperinflation crisis, then money is a very simple thing. You to work, you get paid at the end of the month, and you blow it all in two weeks. You then live off beans and toast for the last two weeks […]

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