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Reunification isn’t easy: a brief history of sundered nations 

When one travels as much to North Korea as much as we do, the very concept of reunification is ingrained in our minds. Officially, both Koreas talk – and dream – of their countries being reunified. Whether the official line matches the actual one, however, remains to be seen. The Koreas, of course, are hardly […]

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How To Get To North Korea From Hong Kong

Moving from city to city is exciting, especially if you are new to both areas, and you want to explore the trip to the fullest. And luckily, today, you can book your trip via sites such as Cathay Pacific to get yourself a return or one-way ticket to North Korea from Hong Kong. Well, many […]

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Who does North Korea have diplomatic relations with?

The foreign relations of North Korea are certainly a complex and byzantine affair, but despite the country’s reputation for being reclusive and insular, North Korea enjoys diplomatic relations with a whole host of countries – including a few that might surprise you! COMINTERN, China, and the Sino-Soviet Split North Korea’s early foreign policy was largely […]

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CONIFA World Cup 2020 profiles: Abkhazia

Abkhazia Known as the crown jewel of the former USSR, and the holiday destination for a certain Josef Stalin,  Abkhazia is the meeting point for the stunning mountains of the Caucasus and the sparkling clear waters of the Black Sea. Situated in the southwestern part of the Caucasus region, sandwiched between Russia and Georgia, it’s […]

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Are there foreigners in North Korea?

“Are there foreigners in North Korea?” is a question that we are regularly asked by tourists to the DPRK. The short sharp answer is ‘yes’. But, as with anything to do with North Korea, the truth is a little more complicated than that! Broadly speaking, foreigners in North Korea can be categorized into four groups: […]

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The Moranbong Band

Did you hear that the Moranbong (sometimes misspelled as ‘Moronbong’) Band got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Well that didn’t quite happen (it was a clever April Fool’s joke), but they are by far the biggest pop group to ever come out of North Korea. But who and what are the […]

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Visiting Avaza, Turkmenistan

Avaza, the National Tourist Zone that’s located on the coast of the Caspian Sea 20 minutes north of Turkmenbashy, is one of the most bizarre places you’ll ever visit. Construction on this gargantuan project began in the early 2000s under the first President, Saparmurat Niazov “Turkmenbashy”. However, it really has gone into overdrive under the […]

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PULGASARI, 1985 Pulgasari, certainly among the most infamous cultural exports of North Korea, is an altogether different beast than any other film produced by North Korea. While Godzilla was born of the Japanese’ commentary on nuclear energy, Pulgasari was born of North Korea’s commentary on class struggle. The film is unusual in the North Korean […]

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The Road of Bones: the Kolyma Highway

For fans of mega journeys and long adventures, the epic expanse of Russia never disappoints. Once in Moscow, a quick look at a train schedule reveals your adventure options in the biggest country on earth. Russian infrastructure can get you anywhere from Warsaw to Beijing. As for epic road trips, the list is almost endless, […]

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Mongolian people 

We’ve all heard of Mongolia – after all, they spawned one of the largest and most diverse empires the Eurasian landmass has ever seen – but how much do you know about the people who live in modern-day Mongolia? Fear not, intrepid reader: YPT is here to help you out. What’s the population of Mongolia? […]

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