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Independent Travel to Belarus

Often called ‘the last corner of the USSR’ or ‘Europe’s Last Dictatorship’, Belarus is a special and bizarre country. The capital Minsk, is a classic Soviet metropolis and also the third cleanest city in the world. Young Pioneer Tours have been running adventure tours to Belarus for a number of years focusing on it’s many Soviet relics, indulging in military tourism at the Stalin Line and trying out the fantastic local food, beer and vodka. Since the introduction of thirty days visa free travel to the country thus scrapping the former tiresome and expensive process of a Belarussian visa, our group and private tours to the country has grown.

Tour guides in Belarus

Belarus is different than the rest of the former Soviet Union, in the sense that it is highly ordered, on time and clean, earning it the nickname ‘’the Scandinavia of the former USSR’’. Tour guides in Belarus are very well trained and required to pass tests with the government before they can lead the public. We work with a wide range of guides who we have built up years of trust with and as a result, can show us the weirder, darker sides of the country not many people get to see.

Hotels in Belarus

Hotels in Belarus are some of the best in the former Soviet Union, Hotel Belarus for example is one of the most well known in the city. This hulking Soviet landmark looks imposing from the outside, but has been renovated to a high standard within whilst retaining some Soviet decoration and most importantly, a great price!

Specialist Private Tours to Belarus

For those aiming for a private tour we can provide bespoke, low cost itineraries for any amount of time in the country and can supply an experienced YPT guide to coordinate with our local contacts on the ground. Simply contact us with your plan and we will supply a quote.

Join a Group Tour to Belarus

Each year, YPT offer two tours to Belarus. Firstly, our winter tour which is also part of our Eurasian adventure and our summer tour in August. Some notable highlights of the tours include a trip to the Stalin Line where you will be able to ride tanks, shoot high powered weaponry and tour WW2 bunkers. Pay a visit to the former apartment of Lee Harvey Oswald, visit the Soviet style factory which produces the biggest dump trucks on the planet, see one of Europe’s greatest WW2 museums and stay at an authentic Belarusian farmhouse with its crazy owner and his homemade sauna!

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