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Air Koryo hikes up costs for flights during 2019 peak tourist seasons

Air Koryo

Air Koryo in Pyongyang have informed Young Pioneer Tours they will be increasing the cost of their flights during the 1st of April to the 10th May & the 1st September to the 15th October by €40 one way and €95 return.

During the Pyongyang Marathon 4th to the 6th of April flights will be increased by €40 one way and €140 return.

Flights outside of those dates will remain unaffected. Please check our group tours page and our independent tours page for new information regarding tour costs and flights.

If flying is out of your budget you can always join us on the train between Beijing and Pyongyang or meet us halfway in Dandong on our Ultra Budget tours. You can read more about our train experiences here and here