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We are thrilled to announce our annual St. Patrick Days day celebration in the DPRK!

We have an exciting plan to visit the famous Taedonggang Micro Brewery in Pyongyang, as well as seeing all the main sights such as the Korean War Museum, the Pyongyang Metro, Kim Il Sung Square and the large bronze statues of their leaders!

By making use of travelling from Dandong, which is the Chinese border city to the DPRK and is easily reachable from most of China, we are able to offer a great price that has you in the country for 2 nights and 3 days, which is inclusive of one full day of seeing all the main sites of Pyongyang and going out both nights of the trip.

This trip is perfect for those people already in China or those simply travelling through that do not have the time or budget to do a full trip. If you need assistance with organising accommodation in Dandong or making your way to or from Dandong city, we’ll be happy to help book for you!

Please note: Unfortunately we are unable to take travellers using US passports on our Ultra Budget tours due to DPRK restrictions. US travellers are required to fly in and out of the DPRK. For all other travellers you must have a re-entry visa into China as there isn’t enough time to apply for a Chinese visa in Pyongyang and the 72 hour transfer visa doesn’t permit rail use.


Friday 16th March

  • Meet your YPT guide at 8:00am inside the entrance of the Dandong Railway Station to collect train ticket, DPRK visa and go through DPRK procedure.
  • Board the 9:25am train from Dandong.
  • 10:25am arrival in Sinuiju to go through DPRK entry procedure.
  • Ride on into Pyongyang and enjoy the beautiful countryside along the way.


  • Optional lunch on the train (50RMB extra)
  • 5:00pm arrival in Pyongyang to be met by your guides
  • Evening city tour of Pyongyang, including us stopping at Kim Il Sung Square for a walk and pictures
  • In the evening your YPT guide will show you around the hotel before taking you for drinks and to get to know your Korean guides
  • Dinner and overnight at the Sosan Hotel.

Saturday 17th MarchSt. Patrick’s Day


  • Walk through Mansudae Fountain Park and see the mosaic pictures of President Kim Il Sung and the leader Kim Jong Il.
  • Visit Mansudae Grand Monument to show our respects to the President Kim Il Sung and the Leader Kim Jong Il. (Optional extra - you can present a bouquet of flowers for 5 euro)
  • Grand People’s Study House - library and academic centre for adult learners. This grand building is built in the Korean style and affords a great view over the central square.
  • Foreign Language Bookshop - shopping central for books, pins, DVD’s, CD’s and periodicals in English and other foreign Languages, followed by a brisk walk to:
  • Kim Il Sung Square - the central square of Pyongyang City.


  • Lunch in the KITC restaurant to try the famous Pyongyang Cold Noodles or Korean Bibimap.
  • Stop by the Taedonggang Brewery #3 for some St. Patrick's day pints! There's seven different local beers on taps, 2 euros each
  • Pyongyang Metro - ride 5 stops on the famous Pyongyang Underground!
  • Exiting at the Arch of Triumph - the largest Victory Arch in the world, built to celebrate the triumphant return of Kim Il Sung after the anti-Japanese war.
  • Visit the recently renovated Korean War Museum. Let the expert local guide show you around the enormous museum featuring dioramas, locally used weapons, tanks, etc., and captured American equipment!
  • USS Pueblo – the only US Naval Ship still held captive by another nation.
  • Juche Tower - monument to the everlasting Juche Ideology (optional 5 euros to go to the top).
  • Dinner and drinks at the National restaurant with performance!
  • Overnight at the Sosan Hotel.

Sunday 18th March


  • Check out of Sosan hotel
  • Slow drive to Pyongyang train station stopping at a few interesting places in the city for last photos
  • Board the 10:10am train to Dandong


  • Optional lunch on the train (50RMB extra)
  • 4:30pm arrival in Dandong
  • Tour concludes – if you need to make any accommodation or a way out of Dandong please let us know!