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Extreme-North East Tour

Group A Dates: July 21 - July 28 2013

Group A Price: 995 Euros

Beijing – Tumen – Namyang – Hyeryong – Chongjin – Mt Chilbo – Rason – Yanji

In November 2012, YPT, and Troy became the first westerner to cross the Tumen border in Namyang, into the extreme North-East of the DPRK. This will be the second group of Western Tourists to enter the country via Namyang and to undertake this route!

Our trip starts off either in Beijing, or meeting us directly in Tumen to cross on foot over the bridge and into the DPRK, and Namyang, where your extreme DPRK experience starts with a bang. This can be considered the most intense border crossing in the country, with every piece of paper that you own, and all your electronics and bags being given the most thorough going over you are ever likely to receive in any border! It might sound scary, but the intensity makes it quite the experience.

We are then met by our extremely friendly guides and driven to Hyeryong, a city only just opened to western tourists, and  hometown of not only the most beautiful women in the country (according to the Koreans), but also mother Kim Jong Suk, before heading on to the infamous Chongjin and the scenically beautiful Mt Chilbo, where we indulge in the only home-stay available in the country. This is an extremely unique and interesting experience, and your night spent drinking and eating with the Korean family will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Following this we cross the internal border from the DPRK “mainland” into the Rason Special Economic Zone, currently the only place in the DPRK where foreigners can change money at the market rate, use local money and even shop in the private markets! Thus combining the least seen parts of this country, with the practically unseen.

We then finish the tour Yanji, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, an area with the largest Korean-Chinese population in China.


22nd July (Mon)


  • Meet at the City Central Hostel in Beijing at 11 am in the 3rd floor bar area for a pre tour briefing.


  • Take the long sleeper train at 1.20 pm for Tumen City.
  • During the journey your YPT guide will be happy to answer any DPRK based questions you might have, and use his Chinese ability to keep you stocked up with beer and food for the journey

23rd July (Tues)


  • Arrival in Tumen at 2.30pm
  • Check into hotel situated within walking distance of the border
  • Chance to hangout by the river to have dinner and look over the border in the DPRK, this is also a great place to buy local souvenirs
  • Overnight in Tumen

24th July (Wed)


  • Breakfast at a local restaurant in Tumen.
  • Up early to drive to the border to go through some very relaxed but also extremely curious Chinese customs.
  • Walk the bridge into the DPRK to meet you local guides and some friendly but amazingly thorough DPRK customs officials.
  • Stop in Onsong County to see the Grand Monument at Mt Wangjae and the revolutionary museum.
  • Drive to Hyeryong city (2 hours)- Population 140,000, This city is famous for White Apricots, Ceramics and beautiful girls! It’s also the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary hero wife- Kim Jong Suk.
  • Lunch at the Hyeryong hotel.


  • Pay our respects to the statue of Mother Kim Jong Suk.
  • Visit to the Native home of Kim Jong Suk and hear an explanation of her life and the area of Hyeryong from the expert local guide.
  • Visit to the Hyeryong Local Library.
  • Visit the Hyeryong Middle School.
  • Visit the Hyeryong hotel for a look.
  • Drive to Chongjin (2 hours)
  • Dinner and drinks at the Chongjin seaman’s club.
  • Overnight at the Chongjin hotel.

25th July (Thur)

  • Breakfast at the Chongjin hotel
  • Drive to Mt Chilbo (2-2.5 hours)- We’ll also stop on the way to take a look at how progress is going on the 5 star hotel they are building between Orang and Gyongsong Counties at the seaside.
  • Yombun revolutionary site- On the way we’ll stop at this beautiful scenic site named after being on of the first places on the East Coast where villagers discovered a new way to get salt despite the East sea being almost tideless.
  • Arrive at the entrance to Mt Chilbo for an explanation of the area using the worlds largest mineral painting map as a guide.
  • Continue to Outer Chilbo Hotel for Lunch


  • Tour of the Outer Mt Chilbo region.
  • Drive to Sea Chilbo for swimming and or boating as well as enjoying the scenic view (Swimming 20 rmb extra, Boating 30 rmb).
    Football match on the beach with local Koreans.
  • Visit to the ONLY Homestay in the DPRK. Drink and eat and have a blast with the local families (it’s customary to pay for the food and drink provided directly to the family, there is no set price but it’s nice to pay more then you expect it costs them).
  • Non-US and/or Japanese citizens overnight at the Homestay. US and Japanese citizens will have to return to the Outer Chilbo hotel to overnight (DPRK rule not ours, sorry!). If we have US/Japanese citizens it is possible for them to stay in a hotel 20 minutes dive away, but still have dinner and drinks with the main group in the homestay.

26th July (Fri)


  • Breakfast in the Homestay or Hotel (U.S and Japanese citizens)
  • Tour of Inner Chilbo’s scenic sites- this region is the most famous part of Chilbo and has lots of colorful stories to explain the various rock structures.
  • Lunch at the Inner Chilbo Hotel (if reconstruction is finished- the hotel is being quadrupled in capacity, otherwise lunch will be at the outer Chilbo hotel again).


  • Drive to Kyongsong County- an area famous for it’s ceramics and it’s hot spa waters, said to be the best in the DPRK!
  • Kyongsong Revolutionary Museum- The house where Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk stayed while giving guidance in the region.
  • Kyongsong Local Hot Spa House- visit the local baths to get a taste of local life. (30 rmb extra charge).
  • Dinner and overnight at the Kyongsong Hotel.

27th July (Sat)

  • Breakfast at the hotel then depart for Chongjin- The third largest city in the DPRK and the only city apart from Pyongyang with a Public Tram system. It’s famous for producing steel and for it’s two ports. (20 minutes drive) We’ll be stopping on the way at the:
  • Jipsam Revolutionary site- A seaside area where long ago three famous generals met to repel invaders. Here you can also see an impressive example of Kim Jong Suk’s shooting!
  • Arrive in Chongjin and visit the statue of Kim Il Sung in the central square to pay our respects.
  • Chongjin Revolutionary Museum.
  • Chongjin Electronic Library
  • Pop over the road to inspect the map of the planned renovations of Chongjin, expected to be finished in 2015 it’s an impressive sight!
  • Lunch at the Chongjin’s seaman’s Club


  • North Hamgyong Provincial Performance group- watch the performance with the local crowds and then dance with the performers! (150rmb extra)
  • Chongjin Steelworks Kindergarten and Amazingly good Children’s performance.
  • Visit to see the outside of Chongjin port.
  • Farewell to Chongjin city with a bus tour of the city area.
  • Drive To Rajin city.
  • Overnight at the Rajin hotel.

28th July (Sun)

  • Breakfast at the Rajin hotel.
  • Rason Zoo
  • Golden Triangle bank- where you can get the best exchange rate on local won in the country.
  • Walk around the central square.
  • Visit to the Rason English Language Academy- where you can see part of a class, introduce yourself and then chat with the kids.
  • Lunch in Rajin City at local noodle house.


  • Visit the only Local market open to Foreigners in the country!
  • Haeyang Revolutionary site- Fisherman’s house and farmer’s house.
  • Souvenir shop.
  • Foreign Language bookshop.
  • Rason Port.
  • Local bar for evening snacks and drinks (extra charge but cheap!)
  • Dinner and overnight at the Rajin Hotel.

29th July (Mon)


  • Sonbong City.
  • Sonbong Kindergarten with local children’s performance.
  • Revolutionary site (old Sonbong Port where General Kim Jong Il first came back to the DPRK after the Japanese War).
  • Sinhung Cigarette Factory.


  • Lunch at Tumen Border area
  • Tumangang City (the border of three countries: DPRK, China and Russia)
  • Sungjondae (Victory Monument of Gerneral Li Sun Xin who was a hero of Naval warfare and invented the Turtle boat)
  • Cross the border at Wongjong Bridge.
  • Drive to Yanji
  • End of tour (YPT can arrange accommodation in Yanji if you need it)

Pricing inclusive of;

  • All guides
  • All entrance (unless specified in itinerary)
  • All transport
  • All meals
  • All DPRK Visas and permits

Pricing exclusive of;

  • Chinese visa
  • Getting to China
  • Personal expenditure
  • Dinner and breakfast in Tumen


Why end your YPT experience with the DPRK? We have a selection of amazing extension opportunities open on this tour. All provide the same fantastic YPT service you find on this DPRK tour, and give you an opportunity to see another country the YPT way.


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