North Korea Skiing Independent Tours


Young Pioneer Tours are now offering tourists independent skiing tours to the newly opened Masikryong Ski Resort in the DPRK! We can tailor any itinerary for you to only involve skiing or to also include sightseeing tours in and around the DPRK during the same skiing trip! The Masikryong Ski resort has been talked about in many international press and now is your chance to experience this skiing resort for yourself!

The skiing resort has been built to a very high international standard and caters very well for both skiers and non skiers alike! With 10 slopes (beginner to expert), skiing equipment (skis, sledges, snowboards) available for all shapes and sizes, snowmobile access, a swimming pool, massage facilities, gym, a steam room, a sauna, cafes and a high class restaurant this is the perfect way to relax during the frosty winter season. The resort also has full Internet access for those willing to update their holidays back home to family and friends!

Our Independent tour rates can be found here as well as flight and train timetables in and out of the DPRK. Below are prices that will need to be added on top of the costs of independent rates. Skiing season is from the beginning of November to the end of February each year.

Pricing of rooms at Masikryong Ski Resort

Type of Room Single Room Double Room
Deluxe €200 €120 per person
Suite €140 €95 per person
Standard €100 €75 per person
4 Person Room €70 per person

Single supplements are €50 per night if there is more than 1 person in the group (IE: In a three person group, two people share 1 room and the remaining person covers the single supplement fee for their room).  Solo travellers will need to pay a single supplement of €20 per night.

Ski Resort Charges

One Day Ski Pass: €45 Half Day Ski Pass: €28 The Ski Pass includes entrance fee, chairlift, ski equipment and use of slopes. For those who aren’t skiing they will need to pay the entrance fee of €2.5 each day and €5 euros to use chairlift on the slopes.

Price exclusive of:

  • Ski Pass (per day: 45 Euro/2.50 if not skiing)
  • Recreational facilities within the resort are extra
  • Each meal (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) is 10 euros per person
  • Internet access is $5USD/30 minutes
  • Travel insurance