North Korea – Rason and North East Tours


Our Rason and North East tours are famous for being tours that take you well off the beaten track in an already less often visited country. Whilst Pyongyang and other southern region cities are popular amongst tourists travelling to the DPRK, our tours to Rason and the North East give you a closer look, right into the rural life of North Koreans.

Rason, located in the far North East of North Korea, borders Russia and China and is the Special Economic Zone of North Korea. It is also currently the only place in the country where tourists are permitted to not only change and use Korean Won at street rate, but also to shop in the otherwise forbidden private markets.

Other highlights of our Rason visits may include visiting an English corner at a foreign language school, going to a 5-star casino and hotel, visiting local factories (such as a shoe, cigarette and seafood factory) and visiting local banks. For you stamp collectors out there, it offers the chance for you to get that rare DPRK entry and exit stamp in your passport (excluding citizens of the USA and Japan).

Our North East tours begin with you walking across a Cold War-esque bridge from China into North Korea. Back in November 2012, YPT’s Troy became the first western tourist to cross the border. The North East is famous for its picturesque landscapes, culture, and fantastic seafood. If you crave the road less travelled, Rason is the region with the fewest visitors per year in North Korea

Our biggest highlight of the North East tour is a homestay with a local North Korean family in their home on the scenically beautiful Mt. Chilbo beach. During your stay, the family will invite you to dinner, and you can play games with the locals, sing around a campfire and exchange photos. Unfortunately, Americans and Japanese are unable to do the homestay and will need to stay in a nearby hotel.  You will, however, be able to join the activities during the day.

Other trip highlights to the North East include visiting the infamous Chongjin city, going to a local bath house, visiting a middle school, hiking up Mt. Chilbo, visiting the birth town of Mother Kim Jong Suk (General Kim Jong Il’s mother) and many more!

We offer discounts for all returning customers and group bookings. YPT charges an additional cost price fee of €50 to process your DPRK visa in Beijing. Every facet of the visa process is taken care of by YPT.


Name of Tour Start Date End Date Details Extension
Victory Day & Mt. Paektu Tour July 24th August 1st €1395 (option €100 flight one way or €150 return) Beijing – Pyongyang – Beijing 7 days Sinuiju Overnight Extension
Rason Trade Fair Tour August 5th/August 6th August 12th/August 11th €1145/€1045 Beijing – Yanji – Songbong – Rason – Tumen – Beijing
Grand National Day & North East Tour September 6th September 17th €1695 (option €100 flight one way or €150 return) Beijing – Pyongyang – Chongjin – Mt. Chilbo – Pyongyang – Beijing 10 days Sinuiju Overnight Extension
The Real Deal Tour: DPRK October 18th October 29th €1595 (option €100 flight out) Beijing – Tumen – Hoeryong – Chongjin – Mt. Chilbo – Orang – Pyongyang – Beijing 9 nights 10 days Sinuiju Overnight Extension


Name of Tour Start Date End Date Details Extension
Rason Essentials Tour March 15th March 19th €595 Beijing – Yanji – Rason – Yanji 4 nights, 5 days