North Korea Visa Guide


During your North Korean tour booking process with us you’ll be required to fill out the DPRK Visa Application Form word document file. Below our are simple steps to help guide you. There’s no need to print the document and to fill it out, it can all be done on your computer and simply emailed back to us.

1. Please leave 1. box empty.
1.1 Surname/Family Name
1.2 First Name/span>

2. Gender – Male or Female.

3. Date of birth, in the order: Year-Month-Day.

4. City and Country of birth.

5. Current Nationality as per your passport.

6. Original Nationality, if different to your current nationality. If you have always been one nationality please put your current nationality.

7. Type of Passport: As per your passport. If it is not specified on your passport please put normal.
Number of Passport: Your full, correct passport number.
Date of Issue: Date your passport was issued, in the order: Year-Month-Day.
Date of Expiry: Date your passport will expire, in the order: Year-Month-Day.
Issued by: As per your passport.

8. Your current occupation. If you are a student please put student. If you are not working at the moment please put unemployed.

9a. Your current employer’s address/telephone number/fax number/e-mail address. If student, please put current schools address/telephone number/fax number/e-mail address.
If unemployed please put N/A.

9b. Current address where you live, including your telephone number/fax number/e-mail address.

10. Leave as is.

11. Leave as is.

12. Duration of Stay: is the amount of days in the DPRK, not the length of the tour.
Date of entry: first day in the DPRK.
Date of departure: last day in the DPRK.

13. If you are taking the train, your border of entry is Sinuiju. If you are flying, your border of entry is Pyongyang Airport.

14. Means of transport into the DPRK: train or plane.

15. Leave as is.

16. Leave blank if you haven’t previously been to the DPRK. If you have previously been to the DPRK please fill out this section.
16a. How many times have you been to the DPRK.
16b. Date of the your last visit to the DPRK.
16c. Who invited you

17. Leave blank if you aren’t coming to the DPRK with anyone. Only fill this section in if you are travelling with family.
Name: Name of person/s you are travelling with.
Sex: Gender of person/s you are travelling with.
Date of birth: Date of birth of person/s you are travelling with, in the order: Year-Month-Day.
Relationship: Relationship of person/s you are travelling with.

18. City that you are currently in and date you are filling out the form.

19. Type in your Full Name (First name & Surname).

Please see the link for the Example of Completed DPRK VISA Form.