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New Cruise Line for DPRK

The DPRK has announced that they will be restarting cruises from Rajin Port, to the Mt Kumgang resort on 3 night, 4 day cruises starting from April. Singaporean cruise ship called the Royale Star has a capacity for around 800 paying passengers, offering monthly trips from April until October.

We have been given the confirmed dates for this cruise, and most excitingly that we will be able to sell foreign places (non-Chinese) on these trips. We are still waiting to have prices confirmed on this, but are hoping to have this done within 48 hours.

Following are the confirmed dates;

Apr 29-May 3
May 30-June 3
June 28-July 2
July 29-Aug 2
Aug 29-Sep 2
Sep 30-Oct 4
Oct 14-18