YPT Links

Through our 8 years of doing business YPT Group have launched a number of subsidiaries, made partnerships with other companies, and dealt with some great organizations that we feel deserve the YPT seal of approval.

This is our list of official partners. There are a few organizations and websites with similar names to us, or might claim affiliation, but if they are not on this list, they are nothing to do with us.

If you feel you, or your organization has the Pioneer spirit and would like to be a partner, please get in touch.

YPT Group Companies

The DMZ Bar

YPT’s very own bar down in Yangshuo, Guangxi, China, and the worlds one and only North Korean themed bar. All YPT customers get happy hour drinks all day long, as well as discounted rates in the hostel.

Red Star Publications

Red Star Publications is YPT’s very own communist supermarket stocking a large selection of books and merchandise from not only North Korea, but also many of the other destinations that we visit.

Cuban Pioneers

Cuban Pioneers is YPT’s sister company specializing in group and independent packages to the ever opening Cuba, as well as running YPT’s group trips to the country.

YPT Partner Companies


GNTours are our spiritual brothers based in the Philippines and offering party package group tours, independent trips to the Philippines, as well as stag packages throughout South-East Asia. They offer a 5% discount to all YPT customers.

Paektu Cultural Exchange

Paektu Cultural Exchange is a not for profit social enterprise specializing in cultural exchanges, sporting exchanges and academic trips to the DPRK led by Michael Spavor. YPT thoroughly recommends them!

Tiraspol Hostel

Our partner the legendary Tim of Tiraspol who runs tours and accommodation packages in the breakaway republic of Transnistria sandwiched between Moldova, and Ukraine. He offers discounts to all ex Pioneers.

North Korea Web Resources


Probably the most unbiased and up to date news source about everything to do with current events in the DPRK.

North Korea Tech

Great blog and news source covering technology related news and gossip from the DPRK. Has some great resources for websites related to North Korea.

Bipolar Peninsula

The extremely interesting and informative blog written by DPRK academic Mike Basset, who initially visited the DPRK with Young Pioneer Tours. We might not always agree with everything he says, but he does provide excellent thought out analysis.


Our great friend and partner Aram Pam who does some out of this world work taking 360 degrees photos of the Korean peninsula, much of it exclusively with YPT.

Partner Links

YPT partners are people, or companies that we personally recommend and trust through personal experience. If you feel you should be on this list, or would like to discuss getting on it, please get in touch.

World Nomads

YPT’s partner, and affiliate that we highly recommend for travel insurance to all of the destinations we visit, and in particular your insurance policy for North Korea.

Great Blogs

During our years taking people on adventures we have been lucky enough to meet some great bloggers, here we highlight some of our favorites

Monsoon Diaries

YPT have done 21 countries, and 5 continents with these guys, so to say that we recommend them is an understatement. Aside from the blog they run a number of trips, some in partnership with us, some with others, and some independently, but without doubt our ideological brothers in all things travel.


Fascinating blogger that we took on his trip to the DPRK who is trying to visit all the countries in the world!


Another great travel blogger we took on his first trip to the DPRK, writes some great stuff and has good insights into some weird places.

The Travel Stars

A group of bloggers YPT both know and love very much, some great stories many of which feature our adventures at Young Pioneer Tours.

Where is Valdis

A great blogger, globe trotter and part of Young Pioneer Tours first ever group to North Korea many years ago!

The Bohemian Blog

Another veteran of many YPT trips who runs a great blog with a specialism in visiting ghost towns and dark tourist facilities.

Desolation Travel

Whilst these guys do not blog nearly as much as they used to we still very much consider them our ideological brothers in what they are doing (which we love)

Link Exchange

YPT offers link exchanges with companies and organizations that it feels matches our Pioneer spirit. If you, or your organization would like to do a link exchange with us, get in touch.

Yangshuo Expat

Yangshuo Expat is the number one web resource for everything related to living, working, or traveling through Yangshuo, Guangxi, China.