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Kumsusan Palace Anew

It is looking to be an exciting start to the year as Juche 101 is coming towards a close and the new year is beginning. It’s always good to have something to look forward to for the cold winter months and so what better opening to look forward to in the DPRK.

North Korea is already home to one of the famous mausoleums of  world Communists leaders, housing the father of Kim Jong Il, the Eternal President Kim Il Sung. Though this has unfortunately been closed for most of the year in preparation for Generalissimo Kim Jong Il to join. Embalming is no simple process, and I’m sure they had a lot of memorial content to install in memory of him.

Not only will this building, a highlight of any Pyongyang tour, now include the 2 great leaders, but the building itself is an interesting historical site to visit. First being built in 1976 as the residence for Kim Il Sung, then on his death being renamed as The Kumsusan Memorial Palace. And again recently renamed The Kumsusan Palace Of The Sun on the passing of Kim Jong Il.

Once the country is open again for tourism this January, this site will certainly be the highlight for tourists. The same is true in February, it will be very exciting to see what celebrations and turn out are in line for the Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour.

In fact 2013 as a whole should be an interesting year as 2012 really was the end of one chapter in DPRK history and the start of another, seeing the end of the Arirang Mass Games, though the replacement for this year is still unconfirmed.  As well as the start of a new plan from Kim Jong Un, now  the great leap forward plan ends with this year.

What remains  unknown for now  is whether the Ryugyong Hotel, which is the massive 105 storey hotel in  Pyongyang which has been nearing completion and left us all waiting to hear when it will be officially opened. With good news with the Palace, we all have our fingers crossed that more news follows suit.