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Introducing the M/V Hondius

Every year, YPT extends its reach when it comes to hard to reach destinations. After our tour to Antarctica, we have had our eyes set on Greenland and we know many of you were waiting for it. It just wasn’t ready. Until now! We’re glad to announce that on our new tour to Eastern Greenland, we’ll be cruising aboard a brand new ship on its maiden voyage: the MV Hondius. We feel like the MV Hondius provides us with a safe, ecofriendly, comfortable and cheaper way to go to Greenland that wasn’t available until now. So, what’s the deal about the MV Hondius and why did we choose it?


The MV Hondius is the first registered Polar Class 6 ship in the world, meeting the latest and highest Lloyd’s Register demands for ice-strengthened cruise vessels which means it is one of the most efficient and comfortable boat able to reach the frozen sea surrounding Greenland. It also exceeds the requirements of the IMO Polar Code, which keep track of the impact of ships in the polar region, meaning that you can cruise on it knowing that you are impacting those regions as least as it is currently possible.


Hondius Restaurant


The Hondius is currently being built in Croatia and will have the capacity to hold 174 passengers in 82 cabins. These cabins go from the enormous Hondius suite of 35 square metres down to the quadruple porthole cabins which are much more economical and yet still very comfortable. Be sure to book fast because at 4045 euros on our tour, these will sell out in no time! The most common type of cabin on the ship is the twin porthole cabin, which we can offer at 5845 euros.

Cabin Type
Listed Price
Price of our YPT Tour (USD)
Quadruple Porthole 4500 4045 4 cabins
Triple Porthole 5600 5045 2 cabins
Twin Porthole 6500 5855 28 cabins
Twin Window 6950 6255 14 cabins
Twin Deluxe 7450 6705 11 cabins
Superior 14280 12855 8 cabins
Junior Suite (price for a couple) 18100 16295 8 cabins
Grand Suite (price for a couple) 20700 18635 6 cabins
Hondius Suite (price for a couple) 23900 21515 1 cabins


Quadruple Porthole accomodation
Hondius Suite








All types of accommodation come with full board, free lectures from naturalists, the possibility to sign up for a photo workshop and access to the common facilities such as the observation room and the bar.


Additional services, such as laundry, telecommunication, refreshments and extra activities can all be purchased. Amongst the extra activities, kayaking is offered as well as polar scuba diving, for those who have experience with a dry suit.


The M/V Hondius was thought thoroughly to provide the best way to go on excursions with two separate gangways and in addition a zodiac embarkation indoor-platform which can also be used for special outdoor activities such as kayaking.


The M/V Hondius can go at a speed of 15 knots and will take us from Akureyri, Iceland, to Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland, and all across the Scoresbysund. We can hope to come across whales, narwhals, polar bears and plenty of sea birds. In terms of scenery, we’re talking about auroras, icebergs bigger than shopping malls and the barren yet mesmerizing fields of Greenland.


Although the ship is very big, the cheapest spots are limited, so make sure to secure you spot with us on our East Greenland Arctic Cruise Tour as soon as possible!