Yough Pioneer Tours

Getting into Iran

One of our partners is for want of a better word a little obsessed with Iran, has been 5 times and had fallen in love with pretty much every aspect of the country (well not every aspect). In his experience it was very different from say the DPRK, and much easier to scratch below the surface to get into the real country. I was interested….

Then last summer whilst drunkenly talking to one of our customers, legendary blogger Calvin Sun, it was suggested that YPT arrange a tour to Iran, under very specific dates, and just before the KIS 100th birthday bonanza. Now I have agreed to a lot of things whilst three sheets to the wind, most recently to wrestle and kill a pig (I managed half of it), but this was to be more challenging a task…..

So we found the local agent, designed a kick ass itinerary, signed up 18 people, 6 of whom were ex customers, and then got on to trick number one! The visa….

Embassies of countries in the Axis are not always tourist friendly.

So the process went…

Give details to Iran
Wait for customer number
Go to embassy
Fill out more forms
Pay money
Collect visa

6 East steps that ignore the following steps

Some embassies don’t receive the numbers
All of them work on different holidays
Some embassies require notified finger prints
People who work in embassies are ass holes

I personally was picking up my visa in Beijing. A supposedly 3 day process that took me more than a week. Luckily I had a drinking buddy with me who was coming on the tour. I actually had to twice get my fingerprints notarized, as the first were not of a good enough standard.
Should have just got them to contact any police station in 4 countries that I have managed to/been lucky enough to be arrested in……

Things not to do before entering a dry country. 7 days straight on the piss.