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Eritrea, up close and personal

If you talk about Eritrea, there’s usually one of two reactions. Many are not sure what or where Eritrea is – which is understandable. This small state, situated along the coastline of the Horn of Africa, doesn’t make much international news. Those who know a little about it, recite what seems to be the most commonly known fact about Eritrea – that it’s the only country in the world with a lower Press Freedom Index than North Korea. (Turkmenistan, by the way, in at third from last place).

At YPT, we are always looking for new, adventurous, off the beaten track locations to explore. The places we travel to are always unique, often strange, and occasionally controversial. Eritrea ticks all three off in spades, and late last year we finally secured a reliable and trustworthy Eritrean contact.

Whenever we decide to take a tour group to a new destination, we always send an experienced YPT guide in first. Basically, we test run the tour; check quality, make recommendations and adjust the itinerary. Armed with her notepad and camera, YPT’s Nat ventured into Eritrea this January 2016.

Sadly, there are very few up to date and good quality photographs of the country widely available on the internet. We’re delighted to be able to show you a rarely seen and captivating side of Eritrea.

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If you’re interested in visiting one of the least travelled countries in the world for yourself, come with us in May 2018 for the Eritrea National Day Tour. We’ll also be visiting the self declared republic and unrecognised country of Somaliland, so why not join us for both?

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Want to learn more? We interviewed our partner in the country- Here’s the Thoughts of an Eritrean Tour Guide.

Photography by Natsuno Shinagawa | 2016