China Add-On Tours

terracotta warriors

We have designed our Chinese Add-On tours to snuggle in nicely with your North Korean tour or as a fantastic stand-alone tour

The Great Wall One Day Tour (China)

So you’re coming to Beijing and have a day to spare. Why not make the most of your time in Beijing by heading out of the capital to explore the very famous Great Wall of China. We can organise your very own local English speaking guide and private transportation as you prepare for a must see adventure.

Beijing Tour (China)

We offer an action-packed 4 night tour of the world’s largest capital, Beijing, taking in all the must see tourist sites as well as some epic exploration of the city’s dusty hutongs (narrow-allayed neighbourhoods) and a trip to an ex-military factory-art district.

Chinese Ghost City Tour – Kangbashi & Ordos (China)

Join YPT for one of our most quirky extensions, our trip to the abandoned ghost towns of Inner-Mongolia, the district of Kangbashi in Ordos. For those not in the know, Kangbashi was built as an overspill town for the already unfinished Ordos at a time when the province was seemingly awash with far too much cash. What they ended up with a socialist styled empty metropolis, a kind of grandiose modern day version of some of the more extreme socialist cities that YPT tend to enjoy.

Xi’an Tour – (China)

Xi’an is one of the four great capitals of China dating back as early as the Ming dynasty. Located geographically in the heart of the country it’s where the silk road begins and where the ancient Chinese culture deepens. Located very near the city is the famous and mystifying Terracotta Warriors. We take full advantage of Xi’an in our carefully planned out tour which will give you opportunities to climb the Bell and Drum tower, walk the ancient city wall, explore the Tomb of the old emperor, try the most delicious Chinese dishes and much more!

Terracotta Warriors One Day Tour – (China)

All the must see sights of Xi’an in one cheap, attractive one daypackage. So save yourself the hassles and the stress of haggling with a Chinese taxi driver and let us take you there.

Chengdu Tour – (China)

Chengdu city is world famous for being the official home for pandas. So join us on our three day super laid back tour as we take you on a journey that involves a lot of cuddling cute pandas, checking out the world’s largest Buddha carving, exploring the traditional and underground sights of Leshan and Chengdu, having a history lesson of the local famous Shu Kingdom and as well as experiencing the real spice of the local famous Sichuan dishes.

North Korea Borderlands Tour

Our daring tour that takes right along the border of the DPRK and China, top to bottom. We run a number of borderlands group tours, but can also arrange independent packages with a private bus and driver.

Kangbashi Ghost City Tour

Another YPT exclusive trip. Aside from a number of weekend group tours throughout the year, we are also able to arrange independent trips for as little as one person.

East China Revolutionary Tour

Come join us as we take you to two of China’s largest cities on the east side, Shanghai and Nanjing, both which are rich in political and wartime history.

Explore China

We can design any tour you want in China to your needs and budget. We will include an experienced YPT guide who will be with you every step on the way to help expand your experience in the People’s Republic!

Discover Yunnan (Kunming – Dali – Lijiang)

Yunnan is known as the most beautiful province in China, with this week long trip taking us to Kunming and the backpacker haunts of Dali, and Lijiang.

Essential Tibet

As well as our standard Tibet package, we are able to organise tailor-made itineraries to the rooftop of the world, including base camp, or Shigatse. Please contact us for more details

Revolutionary Tour of Guangxi

YPT’s second home, and where our “DMZ Bar” is located offers some unique revolutionary experiences, with this tour offering something somewhat different to the regular tourist trail of Yangshuo and Guangxi.

Maoist Village Tour

Despite China at time feeling like one of the most capitalist places on the planet, there are still quite a few red bits, with the model Maoist village being one of the best examples.

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