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Beijing’s 5 Best Political Sites

  Museum of the War Against Japan Or, to give it its full name, the Museum of the War of Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. From the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which occurred near to where the museum is situated, to the fall of Japan in 1945, this museum covers it all. If you’ve […]

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Five Facts about Nanjiecun Collective Village

Where is it? Nanjiecun is in Linying county, about a 45 minute drive from Luohe city, itself a small and seldom visited city in Henan province, central China. It has a population of only about 3250 people, and gives the impression of being more of a town than a village because of the success of […]

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What it is like staying at North Korea’s only homestay

No trip to the North East of the DPRK is complete without spending a night at the country’s only homestay village located just outside the breathtaking Chilbosan mountain range and situated on some of the most prime beach real estates in the entire region. A nice break from the often incredibly fast-paced itinerary. The homestay […]

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Satisfy your Thirst for the Macabre with A Trip to Mexico

Mexico is a glorious country just begging to be explored, despite the fact that Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has been distorting the country’s crime statistics. According to Mexican Tourism Minister Enrique de la Madrid, 80% of all tourist destinations in Mexico are considered safe – a statistic that should help ease the mind of concerned mothers […]

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24 hours (or a little more) in Beijing

Got time to kill in Beijing before or after taking one of our North Korea tours, or simply passing through while utilizing the 144 hour transit visa? Here’s our tried and true list of essential Beijing sites to visit, foods to eat and things to do if you’re flying through Beijing on your next trip […]

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Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang

Kim Il Sung Square is the capital city’s principal square. It is the one that you’ll have been seeing on the news, as Western media often feature it during DPRK coverage. It is the centre of the city and the area used for military parades, as well as a great viewing spot for any celebratory […]

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Kim Il Sung Stadium, Pyongyang

Kim Il Sung stadium is the large stadium situated to one side of the Arch of Triumph in the central district of Pyongyang. Here, many sporting events are held including local football matches and the annual Pyongyang marathon. Kim Il Sung Stadium – History Kim Il Sung Stadium functioned as the site of Kim Il […]

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The North Korean Film Studio – Visit Japan, South Korea and Europe in North Korea

It’s hard to believe you can have the chance to walk down traditional Japanese streets, Chinese alleyways, and pay a visit to some pretty impressive European style grand buildings – all in one city. And that in Pyongyang, North Korea!  A visit to the Korean Film Studio allows you to do this, as you take […]

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Kaeson Youth Park – Theme Parks of North Korea

Let your inner child out on your trip to North Korea by visiting the Kaeson Youth Park and hang out with the locals. Feeling brave? Grab a friend and jump on a ride! Kaeson Youth Park – History The Kaeson Youth Park is an amusement park located in Pyongyang, North Korea. The park is located right next to Kim Il […]

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Will the Kim-Trump summit in Singapore make it safer to travel to North Korea?

With the recent summit in Singapore taking place between Chairman Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, people are now wondering if it’s safer now to travel to North Korea than before. Despite what you may hear, for most nationalities, North Korea is probably one of the safest places on Earth to visit provided you […]

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