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Why Afghanistan is my favourite destination

Tourism is a funny old business these days. Famous destinations around the world are becoming packed full of people. Locals are becoming increasingly frustrated at tourists and as the world become smaller, so do our experiences while travelling. Likewise, increasing numbers of tourists are getting angry at other tourists, ruining their idyllic expectations of locations […]

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Top 5 coolest buildings in Turkmenistan

What happens when you put a post-soviet nation and lots of oil money together? Chances are you end up with something like Turkmenistan, where the heads of state have decided to build some of the world’s most incredible pieces of architecture. In this top 5 made of marble and gold, find the most interesting buildings […]

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Coolest Buildings in Central Asia

Central Asia, with his past of soviet satellite states and frivolous dictatorship, has a wide collection of buildings with incredible architecture. You might not have heard of them before but trust us when we say these are the top 10 coolest buildings in Central Asia! Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent, Uzbekistan Chorsu Bazaar is the main […]

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Big sums of Som: Currency in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s currency is the Uzbek Som (UZS), and until September 2017 there were two exchange rates – the official rate and the black market rate. Unlike in neighbouring Turkmenistan though, the black market was for a long time the commonly used rate and was widely regarded as the “real rate”. There was even a website, […]

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Changing money in Turkmenistan

I’m not an economics expert, but like most people I get the general idea of why black markets exist: A country has a fixed exchange rate which is on the slightly optimistic side, to say the least, but the real value of the currency and the goods it is chasing are different. Thus a black […]

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How to get a tourist visa for Uzbekistan, E-Visa Update

There is a new evisa system for Uzbekistan which has made the process much simpler, cheaper and generally more accessible compared to the old soviet-era way of doing things. Get up to date with the cool kids and learn how to get this visa online in this article!   Citizens of most developed European and […]

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Unique Career Opportunity at YPT!

YPT is an expanding company looking for a talented and unique person with a passion for the places that we go to join our team.               The successful applicant will first and foremost bring a strong skill set in tech specifically WordPress, SEO, and Web design. Secondly great people […]

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Sentinel Island and 4 other places you really can’t go

YPT have been taking people to places their mother doesn’t want them to go to for ten years now, and one of the most common questions we get asked is “is there anywhere you won’t go?” Well, from Donbass to Iraq and Afghanistan, some of our tours are not advertised on the site because security […]

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10 oddities from North Korea that got my attention this month

Hello Dear Reader, Matt here. I’m always on the look out for new DPRK-produced products or interesting little tid-bits while travelling in North Korea. While there’s a load of wonderful souvenirs from hand-painted propaganda posters to DPRK national sports team tracksuits, here’s my list of 10 oddities that got my attention in the last month. […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Rason SEZ

Rason SEZ (Special Economic Zone) located in the very far North East of the DPRK, Is North Korea’s only special economic zone. Established in 1991 the cities status allows for easier foreign investment and is definitely much different than most peoples perceptions of North Korea. Full of Joint Venture Businesses, a unique vibe and just the […]

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