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What’s the difference between North Korea’s February 8th Army Day and April 25th Military Foundation Day?

With the recent controversial decision to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Army Day the day before the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, many were confused as to the legitimacy of this particular holiday on February 8th and it’s variation to Military Foundation Day on April 25th.   So what’s the difference between these […]

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The Yardley Brothers Brewery (and their secret bar)  

I can’t actually say I know the Yardley Brothers, but I do know one of them, Luke Yardley, a guy I met many years ago on one of my frequent trips to Lamma Island. If you’ve not heard of Lamma Island, it’s like a hippie commune of Hong Kong, with English style pubs, boutique shops, […]

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Strangest Olympic Sports

As the world’s eyes once again gaze upon another spectacle of the world’s fittest and fastest competing this time Pyeongchang winter Olympics, we often will find ourselves wondering what we are even watching. Pyeongchang as well as being the focal point of the latest North Korea South Korea relations will also be displaying some of […]

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Does travelling to Socotra count as having visited Yemen?

YPT’s extensive look at the rules of country collecting generated a lot of interest and debate amongst our Pioneers, and there is one question that people were keen to argue about. Does visiting Socotra, the main island of which lies 380kms away from the Yemeni mainland, count as having visited Yemen? So, let’s try to […]

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Top 10 Ceaușescu Places To Visit

Nicolae Ceaușescu was general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party and leader of the country from 1965 until his famous televised execution on Christmas Day 1989. He left an indelible mark on Romania, and like many former communist leaders around the world there are mixed feelings about him to this day in his home country. […]

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Is Air Koryo the World’s Worst Airline?

Air Koryo seems to have a bit of a bad reputation – but we’re not really sure why. Many customers heading into North Korea by plane often dread the flight because of myths they’ve read on the internet.  We’re here to clear things up! Which airlines are worse than Air Koryo? This could potentially be […]

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Cuba: 5 Weird and Unusual Statues

Like any country, Cuba has erected many statues, sculptures and monuments to beautify parks and to commemorate people of historical significance. Due to its unusual history, there are plenty which you might not expect to find in Cuba, or which you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. Here are our top 5 picks! Che […]

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Oman – A Sea of Tranquility

International tour manager Shane just returned from this easternmost Arab country having completed a research tour in preparation for our Oman Desert Essentials tour next May that links perfectly with our Socotra tour! (We’re quite excited about that one..) In a region of excessive wealth and a wider region of political instability, Oman is truly a […]

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How Do I Get To South Ossetia?

One of the world’s newest partially recognized countries, South Ossetia, otherwise known state of ”Alania”, remains relatively cut off from the outside world. So what’s the route one must take to reach this mountainous enclave? Getting in Firstly the only way in and out as a foreigner is via Russia. The toughest part about this? […]

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Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Colombia has had a hell of a recent history. From the end of the 1940s to the beginning of the 1950s there was even a few years known simply as “La Violencia” – the Violence. But in more recent times the conflict between the government, left-wing rebels the FARC, and right-wing paramilitaries wracked the country […]

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