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How To Get A Visa For Turkmenistan

We recently posted about the 5 hardest visas to get. And, guess which was No.1? That’s right – getting a visa for Turkmenistan is one of the most difficult applications you’ll do. But don’t fret!  Follow YPT’s guide on how to get one, and you’ll be on tour with us in no time.  With fewer […]

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Top 5 Essential DPRK Bangers: North Korea in Songs

There’s something special and extremely memorable about the DPRK’s unique style of ‘pop music.’ A hint of Soviet-disco-inspired, 1980’s space-aged synthesizer tones, nationalistic lyrical content delivered in sickly sweet harmony over impeccably produced, ear-worm pop songs. Music is a huge part of North Korean culture and it’s rare to find a Korean who’s not only […]

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LGBTI Travel in Cambodia

Many of our destinations are not known for their acceptance of LGBTIQ people, however we do have one place that discreetly does welcome all people with open arms! Cambodia, although not known as a gay travel mecca as its neighbor Thailand is fast becoming the hottest gay destination in Asia! While the government itself takes […]

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What’s the Difference Between Somaliland and Somalia? 

Written by Callan Quinn, Impact magazine After several months of living in Somaliland’s would-be capital city of Hargeisa, a friend from China messaged me asking if I was okay. The news that morning had been full of footage from Mogadishu. Hundreds of people had died in one of the country’s worst terrorist attacks.  “It’s okay,” […]

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How to Eat Vegan in Chernobyl

Written by Ryan Smith, Wandering Vegan You’ve just booked your YPT tour to Chernobyl, fended off weird conspiracy theory questions from your concerned Aunt, and you’re excited to go. You’ve probably never wondered what food is available in and around Chernobyl. Once you start to think about it, you’ll picture radioactive tomatoes that are glowing […]

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LGBTI Travel in Myanmar

Many of the places we run tours have a reputation of being particularly unfriendly to people in the LGBTI community. Even to some of our more tame destinations, such as Southeast Asia there may still be widespread discrimination and there are certain things to watch out for. Here are our tips for LGBTI travellers in […]

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Surviving as a Vegan in Odessa and Kiev, Ukraine

I remember the strange look on my Couchsurfing host’s face when I arrived in Odessa in 2013 and told him that I’m vegan. Tofu might as well have been space rocks. However, there are great vegetarian and vegan options around Odessa and Kiev, and they’re also both great cities. Before you show up in Ukraine […]

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Is it Ethical to Travel to Myanmar?

With everything that is happening in the media surrounding Myanmar and the treatment of the Rohingya people, many people are probably questioning whether travel to this beautiful country is ethical. Coming out of decades of authoritarian rule, this once closed country has amazing beauty waiting to be explored and we believe you should not be […]

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Riding a Tank in Belarus: Hashtag Stalin Line

For anyone who loves tanks, guns and all things Soviet, Stalin Line, just outside Minsk in Belarus, is an absolute must-see. On our recent “Belarus: Back in the USSR Tour” it got even better than usual though.   Our overly enthusiastic local Stalin Line guide, Mikhail, was dressed in the standard Soviet khaki-coloured (what’s that […]

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LGBTI Travel in Eastern Europe & Russia

Many places that YPT travel to aren’t exactly the friendliest of places to members of the LGBTI community. Eastern Europe and Russia, in particular, tend to get a bad rep from the media and independent sources because of their treatment towards LGBTI peoples. This by no means should hinder your travel to this region. The […]

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