Top Five Party Tours!

It is true to say that YPT do have a bit of a reputation for being the party people of North Korean tourism, but whilst all our tours have a party element, for most the party is the optional cream on top of the tour, rather than the cake itself. That being said, we have a few tours that are all about the party! Here's our 5 favourite ones if you ever fancy ripping it up with us



  1. New Year’s Eve in the DPRK

YPT's Matt & co, shakin' it loose at the "Diplo", NYE 2016! Image courtesy of Håkan Moberg.

Ok, so this might be an obvious one, but we had to include it. Pyongyang may not be Time square, but Koreans love a good drink. On this special occasion, YPT take people to visit a ton of great bars, including the somewhat infamous “Diplo” (Pyongyang Diplomatic Club) before watching the magnificent firework display from a great vantage point. All finished off with a nightcap (or morning-cap) in the Yanggakdo. As new year’s parties go, it doesn’t get more special than this.



  1. Eurasian Adventure Tour

Tank & bant's in Eurasia

The concept of the Eurasian Adventure Tour is essentially seven weeks of trains from Beijing to Estonia, looking at stuff and partying a fair bit on the way. The trip is split into groups, including a whole week on a train (train party?), two nights in Kiev (hospital bar party), and hanging out in unrecognised country of Transnistria (unrecognised country party?). Vodka is cheap here and the winter nights be long!



  1. Palawan Island Hopping Tour

Secret coastlines, hidden lagoons and desert islands make the perfect backdrop to this beach-y bender!

Whilst the Philippines might not be a standard YPT tour, once a year we team up with our local partners GNTours, quite simply because we want to! So, here's the concept; one party in Manila, two nights in a villa, four days drinking on a boat, and one night camping on a deserted island. We're not reinventing the wheel here, but the trip is a blast!




  1. St Patricks Day North Korea


YPT, having far too many Irish staff, were of course the first company to run a St Patricks Day tour to North Korea. And when you arm an Irish guide with Jameson, a group following him and his most liberating day of the year, the inevitable follows. Our St Patricks Day trip consists of a pub crawl, an essential tour of Pyongyang, Guinness, and Jameson. We like this trip!


  1. The cream of the crop! Number 1, our Cuba May Day Revolutionary Tour.

The author, Gareth (and CEO of YPT) enjoying the festivities during May Day this year!

Cuba has great weather, great scenery, great beaches, and the world’s best cocktails, making it an obvious party destination. Combine these glowing endorsements with the annual May Day Parade; a mix of communist parade and Latin fiesta, and you know fun will prevail. Did we mention that there is also a nightclub in a cave? Well there is, and we go there.




The SEA Ultimate Bar Crawl – This trip, run by our partners, involves crawling through seven South-East Asian cities without touching a single tourist attraction, but plenty of the best bars, pubs and clubs that the region has to offer! Not for the faint hearted.