Travel Update Regarding US Warship Movements off Korea

We are aware of the recent news that President Trump has sent warships towards North Korea. Whilst this may cause concern to some, similar actions are taken every year by whoever is in charge of the White House, and does not immediately spell any kind of diplomatic incident.


It is also worth mentioning that the Carl Vinson Strike Group has been around for a while now. They arrived in Busan (South Korea) on March 15th and had two weeks of scheduled exercises in the western Pacific afterwards.


Young Pioneer Tours have regular meetings with our colleagues in the diplomatic arena, particularly the British embassy in Pyongyang, and receive regular updates and advice regarding our travels to the DPRK. As of now there are no changes in advice to travel to North Korea and our tours will continue unaffected.


Should events change regarding advice to travel to North Korea, we will as always let you know as soon as information is avaliable.