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5 Reasons Afghanistan should be on your holiday list


1.The area we visit is safe

The country has been hurt by years and years of war and is currently still a ‘code red’ country for most Foreign Ministries.  Some parts of Afghanistan are strictly off limits (like the south). However, other areas are relatively stable. We know that governments advise against any travelling to Afghanistan, but we take that seriously, work with local guides, NGOs, and even rumors on the local bazaar deciding on any route.

2. Amazing Landscapes

Driving through these landscapes you’ll see valleys, villages, soviet relics from the war and adventurous roads (to put it mildly). Most of the areas are perfectly safe to visit. You just need to know where to go. Just don’t wander off to pee without checking with a local guide about the possibility of landmines.

3. Kabul

Kabul has been a cross road for centuries, with most recently the sixties as essential stop on the hippie trail. Today you’ll see a city in transition. Yes, a lot has been ruined over the past years, but the Afghans are strong people who are working hard to rebuild Kabul into a more modern city.

4. The people

Yes, it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. Afghans have been living in a troubled country for decades but are still holding up. When visiting, you’ll meet warm and welcoming people who are curious about your visit. “You’re not in the army or part of an NGO?”

5. Panshir Valley

Surrounded by sky high peaks, Panshir Valley is about 100km from Kabul. The Soviets failed to conquer the valley from the local leader Ahmad Shah Massoud. Killed by the Taliban in 2001, his tomb is now in the middle of valley and has become one of the important sights of the country.


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